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Sexually Deviant Deputy Sexually Assaulted Female Deputy And Eric Levett Did Nothing.

People of Rockdale, we have some important information to share with you which shows how far the corruption goes within the sheriff’s office. Eric Levett’s campaign manager and deputy, Christopher Tutt, should have been fired after he sexually assaulted and harassed a female deputy working within the sheriff’s office. Eric Levett has allowed Deputy Tutt to sexually harass and assault a female employee on several occasions. The female deputy reported the situation to the Rockdale County Human Resource Department; however, Eric Levett would not allow Rockdale County Human Resource to investigate the allegations. The investigation was sent to the Dunwoody Police Department and the Dunwoody Investigator found Christopher Tutt guilty of allegations made by the female deputy.

After the sexual harassment investigation, Christopher Tutt is still employed by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and is still Eric Levett’s campaign manager. Eric Levett and his administration did everything in their power to coverup the wrong doing of Christopher Tutt. The only adverse action that was taken against Deputy Tutt for his disgusting behavior was sixteen hours of suspension and attendance in an online class on sexual harassment. (Please don’t take our word for it, read the findings from the reports below)

Since this female deputy has come forward and reported this action against Deputy Christopher Tutt, it has been reported to us that the female deputy is now being targeted and harassed by Eric Levett, Chief Deputy Dale Holmes and his friend Captain Ernest Strozier. She has been written up by Captain Ernest Strozier for incidents that took place on her days off, she’s received poor evaluations, and is constantly disrespected by Eric Levett and his administration. It’s been reported by multiple sources that the female deputy is being followed home in efforts of taking pictures of her and her friends. Our sources informed us this action was ordered by Chief Deputy Dale Holmes himself.

People of Rockdale, for so many years good women have had to suffer at the hands of bad men in the workplace. Other men who have the power to stop the abuse that women suffer, continue to allow it to happen instead of standing up. That says that these men are in agreeance with the abuse, mistreatment, and harassment of women in the workplace. Women along with others have fought hard for civil rights, suffrage, and today the Me Too movement. Women are afraid to speak out, for if they do they become targets of further harassment, eventually leading to them leaving the careers they worked so hard to build, which is the ultimate goal of the predators, once they’ve been reported. This has been the case at the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. We cannot let this behaver continue. We all have daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. Imagine if this was happening to your daughters. Most men would be going to jail for their daughter, mother, or wife had something like this happened to them.

Christopher Tutt has a bad history dealing with women. He was arrested, charged and convicted of stalking a female student at Albany State University by the Albany Police Department ( See police report below). Eric Levett fired deputies for this behavior but gave Deputy Tutt a job. We have received reports that Christopher Tutt was also fired from AT&T for sexual harassment. Eric Levett has known about Christopher Tutt’s background for over seven years and has still allowed Deputy Christopher Tutt to work for the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. You might ask yourself, why would someone hire a man who has shown more than once that he can’t control his sexually deviant behaviors.

Deputy Christopher Tutt is the Sheriffs campaign manager as well as an employee of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Christopher Tutt has an office on the third floor along with the Sheriff. He was given the title of Investigator, but has no training or experience. Eric Levett purchased brand new custom black Ford Explorer for Deputy Christopher Tutt to drive even though there are hardworking deputies on patrol who are still driving old Ford Crown Victoria’s with dangerously high mileage on them. Deputy Christopher Tutt is deemed as “untouchable” because Sheriff Eric Levett, Chief Dale Holmes and Captain Ernest Strozier continue to protect him and allow him to do as he pleases in the Sheriff’s Office as well as in the community.

We started this site to inform the people on what is going on within this department. We are reaching out to you, the citizens and deputies of Rockdale County to speak out against this abhorrent behavior.

Here is a link where you can download the entire Dunwoody Investigation.

Donald Ferguson called out Christopher Tutt on a Facebook show called "This Week in Rockdale". Mr. Ferguson was correct on what he was stating. Christopher Tutt has a history of sexual deviant behavior.

People of Rockdale County, on April 5, 2020 Eric Levett and his campaign manager Christopher Tutt appeared on a Facebook show called “ This Week in Rockdale". During that show Christopher Tutt made a statement where he blatantly lied to the people of Rockdale County. Here is the video from that show.

People of Rockdale, you can’t trust anything that Eric Levett or Christopher Tutt says. There are nothing but liars who will say anything to get re-elected. We have provided you with everything you need to find the truth for yourself.


Where is the protection for the female deputy who has been harassed and assaulted?

Why is Christopher Tutt still employed by Rockdale County?

Why isn’t the oath of office being upheld?

When is Eric Levett going to take responsibility for the agency he was entrusted to run ethically?

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