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Supporting Eric Levett Is Supporting Murder.

Updated: May 13, 2020

I have to warn you, this next post is a extremely graphic and viewer discretion is advised. People of Rockdale, We have come a long way within our community. We can't continue to ignore the wrongdoing by people we hope are good people. We as a community must start to see people for their action over a period of time, rather than, what we hope them to be. “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”(Maya Angelou,2012).

To the Tilson's family, there are many deputies who work within the department who are outraged by what transpired with your son. On behalf of all the good people who swore an oath to protect and serve the people of Rockdale, they are truly sorry this happened and are doing everything in their power to correct this atrocity and bring justice to your son.

We here at Wrong4Rockdale have been made aware of some extremely graphic pictures of young Shali Tilson. Shali Tilson was murdered at the hands of Eric Levett and his administration. Shali Tilson was kept in a padded cell with no toilet or sink for 3 days. There was only a hole in the floor to use the bathroom. He died an extremely brutal and painful death of blood clots brought about by dehydration. The supervision within the jail was so poor, Shali Tilson body was discovered in a cold state hours after he had passed away from the torture. How could something like this happen in a jail that is staffed 24 hours a day? In video clips that were leaked to the news stations, you can see Shali Tilson frantically and desperately pushing an emergency call button for help, but help never came. When Eric Levett's staff found Shali Tilson's lifeless body, no one rendered any type of medical treatment instead, a high voltage taser was sparked near his face in a attempt to wake him.

Eric Levett knew the emergency call buttons did not work for years and chose not to invest the money into fixing them. Instead Eric Levett opted to build a gym and a bathroom for Dale Holmes. I guess the gym and bathroom for Dale Holmes were worth more than Shali Tilson’s life to Eric Levett. These deficiencies were outlined in the 2013 transition team report when Eric Levett took office. Eric Levett ignored the reported issues and spent money on things like a new GMC Yukon for his chief deputy and giving raises to his friends. ( below are pictures that were taken at the crime scene of this young man's demise)

Eric Levett will tell you he couldn’t be everywhere at one time but he allowed a sergeant"Dan Lang" who he knew was a criminal stealing guns from evidence to supervise and oversee the care of Shali Tilson. Eric Levett then tried to cover up the murder by hiding the DVR that captured Shali Tilson’s final minutes. To make matters worse, the same sergeant "Dan Lang" who stole the guns from evidence and placed in the jail by Eric Levett as a supervisor overseein Shali Tilson, falsified the watch logs to cover up the lack of supervision that had taken place. Eric Levett allowed Dan Lang to resign so he can keep his retirement rather than immediately firing him.

People of Rockdale, we are now paying Dan Lang's pension with our tax dollars to a convicted felon as commissary, courtesy of Eric Levett.

A special grand jury found that a lack of leadership as well as poor training and personnel selection contributed to Shali Tilson’s demise. This was Eric Levett’s responsibility and he failed miserably.

Eric Levett would not even speak to the Tilson Family after Shali was found in this condition. Eric Levett had the nerve to tell the Tilson family to “humble yourself”. Eric Levett showed zero transparency and would not even allow the Tilson family to view Shali’s body. After seeing these pictures it becomes obvious why the Tilson Family was kept in the dark.

Eric Levett is so corrupt and was willing to do whatever to coverup this murder. Eric Levett and his campaign manager Chris Tutt had his command staff join the NAACP so they could vote out and remove Thomas Brantley as the president. Eric Levett and Chris Tutt wanted Thomas Brantley removed for applying pressure to the department about Shali Tilson’s murder and demanding transparency.

Eric Levett is a proven and documented liar. Eric Levett is also a murderer. Voting for Eric Levett tells the world you support the murder of young black men like Shali Tilson.

End the corruption in Rockdale on June 9th 2020 and vote Eric Levett out of office. Do not let Shali Tilson’s death be in vain.

Here is the Rockdale County Special Investagative Grand Jury Report Summation. Please read the document for you selves...

11ALIVE News Video "Grand jury blames Shali Tilson’s Rockdale Jail death on staff's lack of training, adherence to policy".

Here is a massage from Tynesha TIlson you have to see...

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Gemma Hamidani Lang
Gemma Hamidani Lang
Sep 06, 2022

Would be nice to print facts and not make false allegation.

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