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Coronavirus Outbreak Location Distributes Food To Public

People of Rockdale County, your lives are in danger. As of recently, Eric Levett has been giving away produce in an attempt to gain support and buy votes for his reelection. Eric Levett has been using inmates to work during these food giveaways. What Eric Levett wont tell you is an inmate was sent to prison and tested postive for COVID-19 Corona virus. Sources say this inmate was in the same dorm as the inmates being used who handled the food during food giveaways.

Here are pictures of the inmates handling food items with no proper protection gear. The coronavirus can live on some surfaces for days making it easy to spread this virus, especially to the elderly.

Last month, Eric Levett was diagnosed with COVID-19 Coronavirus and failed to report this information to his deputies. Eric Levett then exposed a number of deputies to this deadly virus. He actually sent a message to his commanders telling them to keep the information about his diagnosis quiet for political reasons.

The reality is Eric Levett did not tell his staff, why would he inform the citizens of an imminent danger of exposure to this deadly virus.

In these uncertain times with high unemployment and food insecurity, Eric Levett is trying to con the people of Rockdale County by giving out produce for votes. Eric Levett has once again exposed other people to COVID-19 Coronavirus and not telling them. Eric Levett will end up killing someone else again with his reckless behavior. Eric Levett’s behavior is not only dangerous, it has become criminal. Eric Levett is a sick man preying on people’s vulnerabilities for his selfish quest of obtaining votes.

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