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Rockdale County's Sheriff Office in Shambles

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

People of Rockdale County, your probably wondering why so many deputies have called it quits and left the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Well your answer is Eric Levett and his chief deputy Dale Holmes.

Dale Holmes is a narcissist of a man who has shown a tendency to be corrupted for years prior to his arrival at the Rockdale County Sheriffs Office. Don’t take our word for it, just look at what his former officers had to say about Dale “mumble” Holmes as far back as 2012 on the Dekalb Police Department blog.

Eric Levett had all the deputies under his command fill out evaluations covering the Rockdale County Sheriffs Office and the reviews were not flattering. They were a mirror image of the issues that Dale Holmes created in Dekalb PD.

Take this example: when asked 1. As a law enforcement agency, what does the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office do well? A deputy stated" The sheriff’s office does extremely well when it comes to running off employees. Bad morale and poor decision making starts at the very top. We are excellent at showing favoritism for some and then performing disparate treatment on others. Commanders put on masks and act like they support the sheriff, chief, and department but they carry knives behind their backs, waiting to stab the same people they claim to support if it will benefit them. We’re great at wasting money to buy luxurious items for the commanders like a second GMC for the chief (He’s not the sheriff), outer vests for commanders for their comfort but they don’t care about anyone else, County vehicles and vehicles with emergency equipment for civilians and airline pilot jackets. We are extremely well versed in the art of retaliation. The chief is the sensei of retaliation, Ask DeKalb….".

Please read it for yourself below.

360 Review

Dale Holmes was hired with no vetting whatsoever. During his tenure with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, he has hired so many of his family and friends from Dekalb to help him control the sheriffs office and undermine Eric Levett. He is slowly taking control of the sheriffs office because Eric Levett’s leadership is weak and he does not have the ability to deal with someone who is so corrupted like Dale Holmes.

Dale Holmes covered up the illegal activities of one of his secretaries while in Dekalb. He then went after the officers who were investigating his secretary for possessions of narcotics in her personal vehicle.

Now he covers for the incompetence a newly promoted Lieutenant in Rockdale. Deputies have reported that Dale Holmes only makes late night visits to the jail when this particular female Lieutenant is on duty.

The deviant behaviors of this man are appalling when it comes to how he interacts with females he is close with. His relationship with her is inappropriate and unprofessional considering that both are married to other people.

Sources confirm Eric Levett has been informed and made aware of this inappropriate relationship for some time now and has failed to fix the issue.

Any one who speaks out or condemns Dale Holmes’ actions is retaliated against with a swift vengeance. He has been described as the “sinsei of retaliation”. Everyone in the Rockdale County Sheriffs office is afraid of this man including his boss, Eric Levett. Dale Holmeshas more attributes of a thug rather than a chief deputy with his usage of fear and intimidation.

A concerned employee sent a grievance to Eric Levett on April 15th 2019. The grievance was ignored and nothing on it ha been changed in the department. See the below email. Read through the list and you will be as shocked as we were to see how things were operating in the sheriff’s office.

We were able to obtain about 15 of these 360 reviews form the sheriff’s office; however, these reviews only get worse as you read through them. What is consistent in these reviews is flat out poor leadership and corruption. People of Rockdale, Eric Levett, has been trying to keep this information from coming out by arbitrarily inflating the price on these 360 reviews to the point that it is unreasonable for a person to pay. By doing this, Eric Levett hoped the high price would deter people from gaining access to these 360 reviews. Well, Eric Levett was wrong. We have it, and we will be sending the surveys to the people of Rockdale County.

Questions to ask Eric J Levett.

1. How could the sheriff's office hire such an unethical man like Dale Holmes?

2. Why was Dale Holmes not properly vetted?

3. How many deputies have quit working for your department since Dale Holmes’ arrival?

4. How many deputies have been hired since Dale Holmes’ arrival? How many of those deputies are family and friends of Dale Holmes?

5. Why dose Eric Levett continue to allow unethical behavior to run rampant in the sheriffs office ?

6. How can Eric Levett claim strong leadership with no control with in the sheriffs office?

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Dale Holmes is doing what he did at DeKalb, poor administrator, poor communicator, he did nothing but kill morale and generate law suits. He miss uses his position for his own personal gain. While captain at DeKalb he had 3 county vehicles, a slick top crown vic, a tahoe and had a f-350 diesel that was a seized vehicle. He used the f-350 to due private contractor jobs on the side. He is the most unethical person I have ever worked for in my 30 years in law enforcement

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