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Rockdale Deputies Created References to Unprofessional Behavior From Levett's Administration

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

We were planning on only releasing news updates once a week, but the level of unprofessional behavior coming out of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office under Eric J. Levett is unbelievable. The deputies have become so accustomed to unethical behavior, lies and deception that they are creating references to such behavior on their personal social media pages.

For example, a Rockdale County Sheriff's Deputy, Stephen Rutledge, posted three memes indicating the Eric J. Levett administration has lost their deputies trust due to their lies, deceptions and unethical behaviors. Below are pictures from his social media account.

Questions to ask Eric J. Levett and His Administration:

1. Is Eric J. Levett aware of how his deputies view his administration?

2. How is Eric J. Levett controlling his commanders who foster this kind of working environment?

3. Were deputies actually referred to as "dogs" and "animals" by this administration as reported by multiple deputies?

4. What is Eric J. Levett doing to fix the overall morale and culture in his department?

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