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R.C.S.O. Sergeant Steals 43 Guns out of Evidence Not Fired, but Transferred to the Jail

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Facts of The Story:

Sergeant Dan Lang was a supervisor over property and evidence. Dan Lang pawned 43 stolen guns at a local Conyers pawnshop. Only after the Federal ATF Department raided the pawnshop for the stolen guns was Sergeant Dan Lang’s criminal acts discovered. (It was the pawnshop owner who informed the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office of the criminal acts.) Eric J. Levett and his administration did not fire Dan Lang when this information was discovered, nor did they place him on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. Instead they transferred him to the jail as a sergeant. As a result of this incident, the State of Georgia has placed the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office on probation for their State Law Enforcement Accreditation. There are also reports of an unknown amount of money that was stolen out of the evidence room. To this day, there are no cameras inside of the property and evidence room, nor are there cameras where deputies submit evidence.

Questions to Ask Eric J. Levett and His Administration:

1. Why was Dan Lang not placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation?

2. Why was Dan Lang transferred to the jail after the pawnshop owner advised them of his criminal activity?

3. What was the ultimate reason the State of Georgia placed the Sheriff’s Office on probation?

4. Is there an official count of the inventory to determine what was actually taken?

5. How many guns were placed back on the streets and into the hands of criminals?

6. Were all of the guns pawned from the evidence room recovered?

7. Why was there no oversight in a department that houses critical items?

8. If there was an oversight, who was in charge of overseeing Dan Lang’s department and why were they not dealt with and fired? Why did his supervisors not catch his criminal activity?

9. Why was there no transparency on all of the facts of this case?

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