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Lying Levett Sold Out The Sheriff’s Office And Rockdale County Community To Mudessar Ahmad

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

People of Rockdale, by now you have seen the staff are committed to getting the facts out about what is going on in our Sheriff’s Office. If you do your research on all the information that has been porvided on this web site, you will see Eric Levett's true nature. Eric Levett is not only incompetent, he is extremely corrupt. Here is more important information on what lying levett and his corrupt cronies don't want you to know.

Eric Levett has created an unethical and corrupt relationship with a local business owner named Mudessar Ahmad.

Mudessar Ahmad is a major campaign donor and local business owner (Shell gas station on Green Street at the intersection of West Avenue ) who has pumped thousands of dollars into Eric Levett’s campaign and into Eric Levett himself.

In exchange for the money given to Eric Levett, Mudessar Ahmad, has been given criminal immunity and an all access pass inside the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office by Eric J. Levett. Including his very own honorary sheriff badge.

Mudessar Ahmad has been granted privileges that deputy's nor citizens have. For instance, Mudessar Ahmad has private access to the Rockdale County's shooting range along with a private escorts by Dale Homes (Eric Levett's Deputy Chief) and Christopher Tutt ( Eric Levett's campaign manager) who entertain Mudessar Ahmad's Family and friends on the county tax payer's dime.

To make matters worse, Eric Levett has given Mudessar Ahmad an "ambassador" like status. Here is an example, Mudessar Ahmad recently visited the State Court of Rockdale County. When Mudessar Ahmad walked into the courthouse, he was greeted by a deputy at the front door security check. Mudessar Ahmad wanted his personal items (like a umbrella) to be kept by the deputy. The deputy informed Mudessar Ahmad that he would have to take his items back to his car. Mudessar Ahmad became upset and called Eric Levett's personal cell phone to express his disapproval. Eric Levett immediately sent his corrupt administration to the courthouse and reprimanded the deputy for doing his job and treating Mudessar Ahmad like every other citizen that visits the courthouse. Eric Levett has demanded his staff treat Mudessar Ahmad as nothing short of king, bowing down to him and rolling out the red carpet.

Eric Levett has also colluded with Mudessar Ahmad to enter an exclusive contract on obtaining gasoline specifically from Mudessar Ahmad's Shell Gas Station, whenever the county gas pumps are down. Eric Levett has declared Mudessar Ahmad's gas station as the exclusive locatation to provide gas for sheriffs office vehicles, thus, funneling more of the county tax payer's money into the hands of his corrupt cronies.

Important fact: The sheriff office staff has to pass five different gas stations that are conveniently located near the sheriffs office just to use Mudessar Ahmad's gas station.

Mudessar Ahmad and his gas stations have been investigated for allegedly violating election laws as recently as 2017 by giving free gas to voters. Providing any item of value in exchange for voting is a felony in the state of Georgia.

Mudessar Ahmad has been seen all over the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and in meetings with top command staff which private citizens nor political watch groups don't have access to. He bought his way into the sheriff’s office by creating the “Ahmadiyya Award” which ultimately paid off two deputies each month with a $250 gift card to his store. When the award was created there was no prerequisites to meet in order to “win”. There has allegedly been the sale of narcotics in his store and illegal gambling conducted on premises and sources say the award was created so deputies would look the other way. Mudessar Ahmad and his store would also allow night shift deputies to play rolls of scratch off lottery tickets on “credit” and then pay what they owed when they finished. The arrangement was that if a big winner ticket was played, the clerk would also get a cut. This happened several times when two deputies won $100,000 and $250,000 on different dates.

Mudessar Ahmad further embedded himself into the sheriff’s office by funding Eric Levett’s restaurant, Kitchen at Olde Town, which is situated in a building owned by Mudessar Ahmad. Eric Levett’s restaurant replaces the old Greek Pizza House.

Here is another fact, Mudessar Ahmad claims to be a pillar of the Rockdale County community, and he does own many businesses in our community; however, Mudessar Ahmad, only employs people of his ethnic community.

Eric Levett has shown that he is corrupt and he has partnered with Mudessar Ahmad who is just as bad. Birds of a feather! .

Eric Levett has continued to lie about his true intention of holding the Office of Sheriff and has moved to targeting anyone who speaks out on the massive amounts of corruption inside the sheriff’s office.

We are coming up on a very important election. We cannot allow Eric Levett and his corrupt administration to continue their tyrant like rule.

Eric Levett’s big secret is he needs to be re-elected to get his state funded retirement or his other alternative is to come up with another source of income (Eric Levett's restaurant). Eric Levett has become so unethical, he will do anything to ensure some source of income, even if he has to sell out the sheriff’s office and the community he grew up in.

People of Rockdale it has become clear that Eric Levett does not care about the county’s safety or its people. Eric Levett is only looking for a big payday for himself and his cronies. Look how far Eric Levett will go to insure that big payday.

People of Rockdale, we must come together and push these people out of office and out of our county along with a bold statement saying OUR COUNTY IS NOT FOR SALE!

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