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Gang Members Infiltrate Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office & Sell Drugs to Inmates

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Facts of The Story:

Deputy Black was one of three deputies who was hired despite being rejected during the hiring process. The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has repeatedly violated their own hiring process policies in order to hire people due to the overwhelming shortages of qualified personnel. Deputy Black and two other deputies were identified as gang members. The three plotted to bring drugs and other contraband into the jail to sell for profit to the inmates. Their criminal acts went undiscovered until an inmate informed supervisors of their actions. The inmate reported them because the drugs he ordered were not delivered as promised.

Questions to Ask Eric J. Levett and His Administration:

1. Why was there no transparency on the hiring practices used for Deputy Black and the other two people involved?

2. Why is Rockdale County overriding its policies to accommodate criminals being hired as jail deputies?

3. Why is Rockdale County experiencing such a problem with retention of qualified deputies?

4. Why, after six years of Eric Levett being in office, there is still a retention problem?

5. How could this continue to happen under Eric Levett’s administration?

6. Are jail deputies searched prior to beginning their shifts?

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