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New Video Surface Revealing Truth Eric Levett Lied About Tilson’s Death to Cover-Up Wrongdoing

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

This next news article has left me speechless.

I’m glad that someone inside the jail was compassionate enough to blow the lid off of Eric J. Levett and his administration attempting to cover up Shali Tilson’s death. Eric J. Levett and his staff were clearly at fault and took absolutely no responsibility. I know some of the people who read this site believe the stories are hyper exaggerated. I can assure you these are not hyper exaggerations. This is the reality of an incompetent leader who has built an incompetent and corrupt administration that has caused the death of two people and if permitted they will cause the death of more.

Citizens of Rockdale, we can no longer stand by and watch Eric J. Levett and his administration continue to represent Rockdale County in such a deceitful and disgraceful way. Ultimately, it will be the citizens of Rockdale who will be paying the cost for Shali Tilson’s death. The citizen's tax money will be used to settle a lawsuit rather than being used to build and grow Rockdale County, because of an incompetent Sheriff and his administration.

What else is there to say about the story. Eric J Levett is wrong for Rockdale! His administration is wrong for Rockdale! We desperately need to move in a new direction, as you can see, real lives are at stake.

Questions to ask Eric J Levett and His Administration:


1. Why did Eric Levett violate his oath of office by not telling the whole truth about Tilson’s death?

2. How can the citizens of Rockdale put their trust in a sheriff who tells lies?

3. Why would Eric Levett believe telling lies is better than revealing the truth?

4. How can you expect the citizens of Rockdale to believe in transparency coming out of Eric Levett’s administration?

5. Why should the citizens of Rockdale County pay a lawsuit settlement that Eric J Levett’s incompetence caused?

6. Why has Eric J. Levett not taken full responsibility for the lies and coverups coming out of the Sheriff’s Office?

7.  When are the citizens of Rockdale County going to get the truth from Eric J. Levett’s mouth?

8.  Is Eric J Levett capable of telling the truth?

Take a look at the video CBS Channel 46.

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