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Eric Levett Budget Meeting Debacle Proves He's Uninformed & Unqualified for The Office of Sheriff

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

People of Rockdale County, once again Eric Levett has displayed poor leadership through a massive disconnect as the leader of the Sheriff's Office. During Eric Levett's annual budget meeting, Eric Levett was utterly unprepared and uninformed on the inner workings of the Sheriff's office operations, equipment, and the personnel needed to make us safe.

On October 15, 2019, Eric Levett and his administration went before the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners to pitch their budget needs for the year 2020. In that meeting, a lot of lies were told to hide the fact that Eric Levett has no understanding or working knowledge of how his department works.

Here is an example, Eric Levett and his administration went before the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners and requested more funding for vehicles. Eric Levett was unaware he had an untapped SPLOST fund of 5 million dollars given explicitly to the Sheriff's Office for new vehicle purchases.

The Rockdale County Chairman Oz Nesbitt had to simplify what a SPLOST fund was and how it works over three times, and still, Eric Levett gained no understanding. Eric Levett did not comprehend; he already has the money he needs for vehicle purchase.

Chairman Oz Nesbitt ask the Director of Finance Roselyn Miller to explain to Eric Levett what Funds he has and what they can only be used to purchase. Roselyn Miller informed the Board of Commissioners; she was not sure why Eric Levett did not continue to purchase new vehicles. Roselyn Miller explains to Eric Levett; he had 3.8 million dollars left to spend on new vehicle purchase.

Instead of Eric Levett acknowledging he had no understanding of how a SPLOST fund work and take full responsibility for this mishap. Eric Levett did the one thing he's very knowledgeable at doing. He lied, then moved to his signature move; he accused someone other than himself and blamed the SPLOST committee.

Roselyn Miller informed the Board of Commissioners this was the first time she heard Eric Levett was having issues moving forward with receiving funds. Roselyn Miller told Eric Levett, the SPLOST committee only serves as oversight to make sure the funds are being spent only on the approved items. Chairman Oz Nesbitt informed Eric Levett, the SPLOST committee has no power to stop him from purchasing vehicles and quoted the State Law to Eric Levett.

To make matters worse, Eric Levett continued to ask the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners for funding for ten new vehicles despite all that he just learned.

After watching the video, ask yourself, is Eric Levett qualified to run the Sheriff's office?

People of Rockdale County, it's disappointing when the Rockdale County Chairman Oz Nesbitt has to explain the Law to Eric Levett "The Sheriff." Eric Levett and his administration have proven many times they're unqualified for the office of Sheriff.

People of Rockdale, you must ask yourselves some realistic questions.

Would you give $22 million in budget funding to individuals who consistently prove they have no understanding of fundamental business practices?

How can someone claim to have strong leadership when they have a poor understanding of the inner workings of their department.

Strong leadership would have a strong working knowledge of basic business practices, basic project management practices, essential planning and budgeting practices, and, most importantly, humility.

Putting our safety in the hands of someone unqualified and untruthful is not only crazy, but it's also dangerous.

People of Rockdale County, how much more do you need to see that Eric Levett is Wrong for Rockdale.

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