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Eric Levett Announces His Candidacy For Sheriff With a Letter of Lies

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Citizens of Rockdale, today Eric Levett has announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Rockdale County by sending out a letter of lies. Eric Levett also believes the people of Rockdale County will stand behind him as Sheriff of the county, despite all the corruption, lies, and coverups coming out of this administration for the last seven years. His letter states “The men and women of this agency represent some of the best in law enforcement. Their dedication to service, their commitment to professionalism, and their sincere concern for the people of this county is evident through their actions”.

Over the past seven years, under Eric Levett’s leadership, some of the men and women in his department did not represent the best of law enforcement. In fact, they represented the best in criminal activity. For example:

On May 3, of 2013, a deputy was arrested and charged with aggravated child molestation and aggravated sodomy.

September 3, 2014, seven Rockdale County investigators were caught cheating on an online test to retain law enforcement certification. One of these investigators was Eric J. Levett’s uncle, Grote Levett.

April 23, 2015, a deputy was terminated for distribution of anabolic steroids to other deputies in his unit. After the investigation was completed, four other deputies resigned due to illegal steroid use.  That is five deputies caught in illegal drug usage.

September 12, 2018, Rockdale County evidence Sergeant Dan Lang was under investigation for pawning 43 guns he had stolen out of evidence.


September 10, 2019, Rockdale County jail deputy arrested for sexual assault.

June 6, 2019, Rockdale County deputy accepts plea for sexual assault.

July 31, 2018, Rockdale County deputy charged with selling cocaine inside the jail.

This list only represents the deputies who made the news cycle and were terminated or jailed. This list  does not represent the internal investigations that led to the termination of deputies for domestic disputes, alcohol abuse on duty, intoxicated “while driving a county vehicle “ and many other unbecoming behaviors.

Eric Levett goes on to say “under his leadership crime has decreased and officer training has peaked as he works daily to ensure his staff is properly trained to face the ever-changing public safety responsibilities.”

Crime in Rockdale County has not decreased. Crime has become more violent than ever due to the growing danger of gang-related activity that is seducing the youth of Rockdale County. For example:

The three young teens who tragically lost their lives while conducting  gang-related activity.

Here is another a gang-related murder of a young teen who grew up in Rockdale County.

Here’s another gang-related criminal act where several people beat a man for walking in the street.

Four alleged gang members arrested.

Seven teens arrested and charged for a gun shootout.

People of Rockdale,  if you do your research, you will find that Eric Levett and his administration have been lying over and over about the crime in this county. Over the last seven years crime has increased, but Eric Levett continues to say he has reduced crime.  People of Rockdale, ask yourselves this:

1. Were criminal street gangs as prevalent 7 years ago as they are today?

2. Is Rockdale County safer now than it was 7 years ago?

3. Were more people shot and killed 7 years ago compared to the number of people shot and killed in Rockdale County while Eric Levett has been sheriff?


In the months of June, July, and August of 2019, there have been 5 drive-by shootings in Rockdale County.

In those same months, there have been 15 people reported shot from gunfire in Rockdale County, with one person being a 6 year old kid.

People of Rockdale, do not fall for the lies that Eric Levett continues to pedal among the community.

Eric Levett also stated he has maintained a level of financial accountability and transparency that ensures that the residents of Rockdale County will never have to question if the money is being spent properly.

Eric Levett will not tell you:

Eric Levett spent $80,000 of our tax money on a silver GMC Yukon XL for his chief deputy Dale Homes to drive. (Which matches the sheriff’s own black GMC Yukon XL, despite Dale Holmes being issued a perfectly good Ford Expedition with less than 50,000 miles on it.)

Eric Levett also ordered a custom black Ford Explorer for his campaign manager (Chris Tutt) paid for by the Rockdale County taxpayers.

Let's not also forget the many pending million dollar law suits that have been filed against the Sheriff’s Office due to mismanagement and negligence. Yet again, the tax payers will foot the bill.

Eric Levett has spent thousands of dollars on luxurious vacations for himself, his command staff, and all of their families, paid for by our tax dollars. Sources also revealed that Eric Levett went as far as purchasing alcohol, paid for by taxpayers, for his command staff. Only after the alcohol purchase was discovered and questioned, Eric Levett paid the money back. So you see citizens of Rockdale, once a liar, always a liar.

Eric Levett cannot be trusted with telling the truth. His ethics are questionable. 

Eric Levett goes on to say in his letter “all of this has required strong leadership, creative collaboration and more importantly it requires experience and selfless service.”

In 2013, Eric Levett was a Sergeant at the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office who had “no experience” as chief law enforcement officer at the time. He asked for the people of Rockdale County to elect him as Sheriff, but now has the audacity to downplay other candidates and use his experience as an sole point to justify his candidacy.

Eric Levett’s statement of “Strong leadership”. Over the past 7 years, Eric Levett has not taken responsibility for any of the shortcomings under his leadership. Eric Levett has promised to create a more diverse work environment, where opportunity is presented to men and women based on their qualifications and education. This has yet to happen. On the contrary, many deputies have spoken out against the gross levels of nepotism and cronyism going on in the Sheriff’s Office. Eric Levett would rather promote people based on their relationship to him and his administration, rather than their qualifications. For example, every member on Eric Levett’s campaign team has been promoted beyond their qualifications for the jobs they hold.

Eric Levett campaigned to remove “the good old boy system” that heavily favored white males within the department. “The good old boy system” ran out of control for years within the Sheriff’s office. Eric Levett never abolished the system, he simply changed it to favor black males who he had a direct relationship with despite their qualifications.

"Strong Leadership" would not have transferred Sergeant Dan Lang, who stole 43 guns out of evidence,  to the jail in a supervisory role which  resulted in the death of a young man due to gross negligence.

"Strong Leadership" would not have attempted to cover up the wrongdoings that have taken place under his watch.

"Strong Leadership" would have taken responsibility and moved immediately in the direction of correcting these actions rather than giving excuses.

"Strong Leadership" would address and solve the issues of deputy retention and created a more positive environment that would promote deputies to stay rather than blaming deputies for leaving.

"Strong Leadership" would provide real transparency throughout his administration by allowing the community to be engaged and oversee controversial topics, such as treatment of inmates in the Rockdale County jail.

Eric Levett said he has shown strong leadership, but has yet to provide the strong leadership to the citizens of Rockdale County, his administration, and his deputies who work very hard to keep this county safe.

Eric Levett claimed to devote selfless service to the citizens of Rockdale County. Let’s face the true reason, Eric Levett has not resigned and has continued to run for Sheriff of this County. It’s not the love that he claims he has for the citizens, it is not the love he claims he has for his subordinates, it's simply because he wants his state retirement and is willing to lie and cheat to obtain it.

People of Rockdale, I cannot express how important this next election is for Rockdale County. Please do your homework and research all of the controversy that has come out of the Sheriff’s office. Research all of the coverups and corruption that has taken place under Eric Levett’s leadership.

If you believe that he is worthy of being your Sheriff after you research all that has happened under his leadership, then you should vote for him, but do not get upset when his power is unbridled and this problem becomes so much worse.

After you research all that has happened under Eric J. Levett’s leadership, you will see that Eric Levett and his administration are Wrong for Rockdale

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