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Eric Levett’s Special Investigations Unit Targets Black Youth in the Rockdale Community

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

An email has been uncovered showing how Eric J. Levett and his administration targeted Rockdale youth for petty offenses such as disorderly conduct and  misdemeanor possession of marijuana. A sergeant in the Special Investigations Unit sent an email outlining that he expected his deputies to take out state warrants on an offender rather than issuing a citation. A citation means that the offender would be arrested and pay a fine to get out. A citation arrest would NOT be noted on their criminal history.

However, by taking out a state warrant on an offender (which is typically used for more severe cases), the sergeant was ensuring that mostly youth violators were receiving a criminal history. The repercussions stretched even further than an arrest record as the offender could have their Drivers License suspended for certain offenses. They could also be denied any type of federal assistance such as: student financial aid for college, Section 8 Housing and EBT (food stamps). They could also be denied employment opportunities. 

This behavior unfairly and disproportionately targeted youth members of the black community as this unit primarily operated in less affluent black neighborhoods. This unfair practice ensured the criminalization of our minority youth. Instead of a simple fine and no criminal record, they are now held back by the system for a petty offense/misdemeanor.

The sergeant went outside conventional means of law enforcement into an area of judgement reserved for a judge and a jury of their peers. The police should only be used to bring forth allegations of charges and should never use their powers to punish people. The following email shows this abhorrent practice was taking place under the command of Eric J. Levett.

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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2020

Apparently targeted black youth as well as young adults has been on Rockdale’s agenda before Levett became sheriff. These individuals have been targeted sinew the last sheriff in office. This type of behavior was from personal experience.

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