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Deputy Beats Mother And Lying Levett Covered It Up

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

People of Rockdale County, on March 10th, 2020, the 4th congressional Democratic women’s organization put on a debate for all the candidates who are running for the office of sheriff of Rockdale County. (If you missed the debate, you can view it at the Wrong4Rockdale Facebook page.) In that debate, Eric Levett told a lot of lies straight to the faces of the people of Rockdale County. Eric Levett stated he has locked up deputies who have committed crimes and stated his administration is grounded on three principals Safety (keeping everyone safe), accountability (holding everyone indiscriminately responsible, and professionalism (maintaining a high standard of behavior). See video below.

People of Rockdale, Eric Levett is lying. There are several deputies that have committed crimes and were not arrested. For example;

In February 2018, one of Eric Levett’s deputies, Deputy Cushing, physically assaulted her own mother. She found her mother having a relationship with a man that she did not approve of and they began to fight in her mother’s yard in North Rockdale County. The fight was extremely viscous, and the deputy’s mother came out of the fight with two black eyes and the side of her face was swollen. To make matters worse, Deputy Cushing’s mother had to be sent to the hospital as a result of her injures. Deputy Cushing was uninjured during the fight. See pictures below.

Deputy Cushing tried to lie about the incident, but with the help of Eric Levett and his administration, Deputy Cushing was not arrested. As a professionally trained officer, she should have been arrested for assault. How could Eric Levett allow a Deputy to continue to work in law enforcement when she deliberately brutalized her own mother. All Deputies are trained in ways to deescalate a violent situation.

Captain Cordero took over investigating the fight which is outside of the Sheriff’s Office policy. Captain Cordero should have recused herself because she has close ties to Cushing’s family. Captain Cordero negotiated and arrested Cushing’s mother for the fight which allowed Deputy Cushing to keep her law enforcement certification. Deputy Cushing is currently still a police officer in Georgia today.

Our hearts go out to Cushing’s mother for having such a strong love for her child that she is willing to go to jail to save her child’s job; however, its wrong to allow a child to put their hands on their parents. The very person who gave them life and cared for them. The main duty of the Sheriffs Office is to protect everyone from anyone who’s intent is to do harm. Eric Levett failed Cushing’s mother.

If any citizen beat their mother the way Deputy Cushing beat hers, they would have gone to jail, with no questions asked. This was a cover up and Eric Levett’s weak leadership allowed it to happen. Captain Cordero and Eric Levett obstructed justice and allowed a deputy to get away with a criminal act.

Deputy Cushing had a known unethical sexual relationship with the training supervisor in the department for years. And yet again, two people who are married to other people are engaging in unethical acts within the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Cushing even threatened to kill herself in court during her divorce hearings after her extra marital affair came to light, but Eric Levett allowed her to continue to patrol the streets of Rockdale.

Eric Levett’s decision and poor leadership put our safety at risk as citizens. Deputy Cushing still has police powers today, because Eric Levett could not do the right thing and ensure that Deputy Cushing was never allowed to work in law enforcement again.

People of Rockdale County don’t take our word for it. Just read the report below and asked yourself this, how can Eric Levett state his department is grounded on safety, accountably, and professionalism when he has so many issues coming out of the Sheriffs Office? According to Eric Levett, everything is great, and he is doing a great job. The worst thing any leader can do is make excuses and never take responsibility of mishaps that happen. sound familiar?

Eric Levett has done nothing but perpetuate lies to the people of Rockdale County. He has become so desperate to stay in office that he will allow people to get hurt in order to keep up his fake image of being a leader. In reality, Eric Levett’s weak leadership has eroded the trust of the deputies and destroyed the bridge of trust and transparency within this community. We, the people of Rockdale must come together and remove this weak leader and his cronies from office before anyone else or their mothers get hurt.

Question To Ask Eric Levett And His Administration:

1. How is willfully violating the Sheriff’s office policy when it comes to investigating Law enforcement involved domestic, professional?

2. Where was the safety for Cushing's mother?

3. When deputies have been fired and arrested for less, why was Brittany Cushing not arrested?

4. Why has Eric Levett covered this incident up even though he’s claimed that he’s transparent?

5. Would a crime fighter allow one of their deputies to brutally beat their own mother and not get arrested?

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