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Community Leaders Demand Eric J. Levett Resign Immediately for Attempt to Cover up Jail Death.

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Eric J. Levett and his administration have brought nothing but shame and disgrace on the county’s name. Rockdale County citizens, we all pride ourselves on the moral standards that we hold dear. We strive every day to maintain those standards within our community. That is why we all chose to live in Rockdale County. It is that beautiful blend of nature combined with a high moral standard of treatment that has brought us all together as one community. Eric J. Levett does not represent Rockdale County by failing to embody these ideas and standards. Instead, he only represents himself, which has been proven by his actions to this day.

It doesn’t matter what race you are or where you come from. Human life is one of the most precious gifts that is bestowed upon an individual. Imagine if your child made a mistake, was arrested, and lost their life due to a lack of moral compassion for a human being by simply not caring to give that person food or water? Then imagine having the chief law enforcement officer tell you to humble yourself while taking no responsibility at all?  How would you feel?

Please look at this video. I must warn you, it’s extremely unsettling that a parent would have to go in front of a camera and beg for justice from the Sheriff who swore to protect liberty and justice for all.


Eric J. Levett and his administration have yet to apologize and take full responsibility for the incompetence, unprofessionalism and lack of human compassion that took place in the jail under his watch.

Did you know Eric J. Levett and his administration planned to use the captain at the time, Nikki Weathersby, as a scapegoat? They were offering her job up as payment for the deaths that happened in the jail in order to cover up the role Eric J. Levett and his administration played.

According to sources, Eric J. Levett and his administration knew Captain Nikki Weathersby had no input in Dan Lang being transferred to the jail as a sergeant.

Eric J. Levett and his administration made the decision to place Dan Lang in the jail, instead of on administrative leave, per their written policy.

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