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Attempted Hostile Takeover of Rockdale County

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

People of Rockdale, if you pay close attention, you will see that Eric Levett and his family are moving very carefully to try and take over this county's government using any means necessary. If we allow this to happen, we will have successfully destroyed the democracy within the county government, and will have granted total access to the county's public funds, as well as given total immunity to the Levett family; thus establishing another Monarchy. People of Rockdale, this simply cannot happen. We cannot allow a family to take over this county government.

Here are the facts. George Levett (who is Eric Levett’s uncle,) is currently the county's coroner and went unopposed in this year's election. That means George Levett will remain the county's coroner for another four years.( The coroner is the only person that can arrest the Sheriff for wrong doing. That means the coroner must be free and detached from the sheriff. Now how can that happen when both the coroner and sheriff are family? We have also recived reports that George Levett and family are using the Coroner's Office to funnel human bodies to their family's funeral home business for profit.(

We now have another Levett running for county commissioner. Takela Levett was once married to George Levett (who is Eric Levett’s uncle), however, she kept the Levett name and is now using it to gain a seat on the county's board of commissioners. Takela Levett herself has openly admitted that she still has contact with George Levett. People of Rockdale, there is nothing wrong with a couple getting back together; however nepotism is a serious problem when dealing with $74 million dollars of taxpayers money.

Eric Levett is the current sheriff of this county and look at the unethical behavior and nepotism that has taken place under his administration, as well as the misappropriated public funds that are being funneled into the pockets of his friends and family.

The Levett family also owns a bonding company that is currently active within the Rockdale County jail which is under the command of Eric Levett.

The Levett family has almost attained a full fledged monopoly within this county. People of Rockdale if you allow this behavior to continue, then you can not complain when your tax dollars are used to empower this family even further.

We have told you about the thuggish behavior coming from those associated with Eric Levett, but recently they have taken their acts to a whole new level. Eric Levett was irresponsible in how he obtained his campaign headquarters on Parker Road. He rented the building on a verbal contract, which is not the smartest decision. He also was not fiscally responsible enough to pay for his rent up front. Because of Eric Levett's mistakes J. Charles Burris (who also happens to be a candidate for sheriff) was able rent the same building beginning March 20, 2020 through June 2020. Charles Burris paid for his rent up front.

While J. Charles Burris was moving into the building he rented, Rockdale Coroner George Levett (who is Eric Levett’s uncle and Rockdale County Coroner) showed up along with Deputy Christopher Tutt who is Eric Levett’s campaign manager. Both men arrived in a vehicle that belongs to Rockdale County and Christopher Tutt was wearing a deputy uniform. George Levett told J. Charles Burris that he was not supposed to be at the building and even tried to snatch a campaign sign from J. Charles Burris before threatening him. George Levett told J. Charles Burris that he will see Burris real soon. That is a scary statement for a coroner to make to someone considering they work with nothing but deceased people. Burris says that all of this happened during work hours and with government property. Don't take our word for it, here is a part of the interview that took place on a Facebook show called "This week in Rockdale".

Eric Levett has tried to lie about how he lost the building on his Facebook page. Levett claims he had a verbal contract. No one rents anything without a written contract. Then Levett tried to dirty the good name of the business owner by telling his supporters that the owner was desperate for money to pay back property taxes. A sheriff should not be putting an individual citizens business out like that. His behavior is simply disgusting, tactless and lacks couth.

Eric Levett now claims a business owner has allowed him usage of a building for free. With that being said, candidates for sheriff can only accept campaign donations up to $2500 and nothing more from an individual donor. I’m sure the building he will occupy on 138 would cost a normal person over $2500 for 2 months at fair market value. After being pointed out by Alex Macdonald on “This week in Rockdale” we at Wrong4Rockdale wonder if Mudessar Ahmad is making another appearance in this election and if Eric Levett will once again be breaking campaign finance laws.

Donald Ferguson who is running for sheriff has also been threatened as reported on “This Week in Rockdale”. Ferguson said that Rob Cordero outright threatened him by saying he was coming after him for a story on this website that mentioned Rob Cordero’s wife. Ferguson claims to even have a recording of Rob Cordero threatening him. The Cordero’s are Levett supporters.

Rob Cordero was the Deputy Chief of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office prior to being fired by Sheriff Thomas J. Wigington for associating with a person of questionable moral character. Charles Burris says that Rob Cordero is so out of control and crazy that Cordero threatened to sodomize Burris. Are these the types of people we want running the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office?

People of Rockdale, we have many reports of Eric Levett and his group of thugs stealing other candidate's signs. These action became noticeable when only Eric Levett signs remained standing while other candidate's signs were removed. Don't take our word for it, here is the proof. Cory Hambrick posted on his facebook page that his signs where being taken and later found behind buildings and woodlines. it became clear when a former Deputy confronted the sheriff's campaign manager and exposed the truth about the missing signs. For the complete story got to the Hambrick 4 Sheriff Facebook page. Charles Burris has also had his signs stolen and damaged. He has even had Eric Levett signs erected in his supporter's yards where his signs were stolen from.

People of Rockdale, we have worked very hard to bring you the truth about what is going on within the Sheriff's Office. It's now up to you to elect the right person to to keep this county safe and one who will bring back the integrity and respect to the office of sheriff. We can only provide you with the truth. Its your duty to challenge Eric Levett and his administration on the facts. Don't let him tell you the facts, force him to provide the facts and then hold him accountable.

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