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Deputy Charged with Stalking after Second Offense of Troubled Behavior with Women

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Facts of the Story:

A Rockdale Deputy, James Campbell, was charged with stalking two females in the Conyers area while he was on duty. What was not told to the citizens of Rockdale was that James Campbell had a history of troubled misbehavior towards women. James Campbell was under an investigation for threatening a local convenience store clerk after she did not provide him with her phone number. Now the real question is, why was James Campbell kept on duty when he had clearly demonstrated unbecoming behavior as a patrol deputy? There are too many instances where Eric J. Levett and his administration have allowed bad behavior to linger in his department.

Questions to Ask Eric J. Levett & His Administration:

1. Why was James Campbell allowed to remain on patrol after he had demonstrated unbecoming behavior?

2. Why was James Campbell not monitored after reports and complaints of misbehavior were received from multiple deputies?

3. Why is it that so many deputies feel free to commit criminal acts under Eric Levett’s administration?

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1 comentário

17 de out. de 2019

So, why did RCSO fail to mention that Deputy Campbell reported the family to DFCS prior to them making the false stalking allegations?

Finally, why was Deputy Campbell terminated but other deputies who where convicted allowed to resign?

Was it because Deputy Campbell wrote grievances against RCSO?

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