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Sergeant Who Stole 43 Guns, Transferred to the Jail, Falsified Documents to Coverup Tilson's Death

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Facts of the story:

Sergeant Dan Lang, the same sergeant who stole 43 guns from evidence and was transferred to the jail, was also the supervisor on duty at the time of Shali Tilson’s death. Tilson’s death came as a result of no oversight while he was placed on suicide watch. Sergeant Dan Lang falsified the 15-minute watch log to cover up wrongdoing on his part by not conducting the 15-minute checks that the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office policy states must be done. To make matters worse, Eric J Levett and his administration had the lead investigator over the case removed after the investigator found multiple policy violations on the part of Dan Lang and others. Dan Lang ultimately resigned instead of being fired.

Questions to Ask Eric J. Levett and His Administration:

1. Why was Dan Lang transferred to the jail when he had criminal accusations already pending?

2. Why was Dan Lang allowed to resign and not fired?

3. After the Sheriff's Department knew Dan Lang stole 43 guns from evidence, why was he transferred to the jail?

4. Why was the lead investigator removed from the overall investigation?

5. Why is there no transparency on all of the findings of this investigation?

6. Why is Eric Levett not taking full responsibility for two deaths under his watch?

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